Spasmo (1974)

Movie: Spasmo

Director: Umberto Lenzi

Actors: Robert Hoffmann, Suzy Kendall, Ivan Rassimov, Adolfo Lastretti, Franco Silva, Mario Erpichini, Maria Pia Conte, Luigi Antonio Guerra, Rosita Torosh, Monica Monet, Guido Alberti

Genres: Thriller, Mystery

Country: Italy

Release Year: 1974

Duration: 94 min

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  • Storyline
Christian (Robert Hoffman) and his girlfriend are taking a walk on a deserted beach when they discover a woman's body lying. A closer look proves that she's alive. The next day Christian meets her again at a yacht party and they fall in love. Later at a nearby motel, something weird happens as they prepare to go to bed together: An intruder breaks in and starts beating Christian who accidentally shoots him with his own gun. A few hours later they find out that the corpse is missing and a series of weird incidents takes place.
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