Seondal: The Man Who Sells the River (2016)

Movie: Seondal: The Man Who Sells the River

Director: Dae-min Park

Actors: Seung-ho Yoo, Jae-hyeon Jo, Suk-ho Jun, Chang-Seok Ko, Kim Min-Seok, Mi-ran Ra, Ye-ji Seo, Woo Jin Yeon

Genres: Comedy, History

Country: South Korea

Release Year: 2016

Duration: 2h

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  • Storyline
In-hong is drafted into the army by force to fight in China during the Qing Dynasty. During the struggle to survive in the battlefield, he meets Bo-won and Gyeon. Three men return to Korea to find no means to make living, and decide to form a con ring. Their cons range from selling a chicken as phoenix and disguising an ordinary sword as one that belonged to the great Admiral Yi Shun-shin. Soon, they become wanted by the authorities. The trio continues their scam under the radar. When their attempt to steal from the richest man in town, SUNG Dae-ryun, fails, In-hong sets up another con. He spreads the rumor that gold has been found in Daedong River, and lures SUNG into the trap.
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