Rip Girls (2000)

Movie: Rip Girls

Director: Joyce Chopra

Actors: Camilla Belle, Dwier Brown, Stacie Hess, Brian Stark, Jeanne Mori, Lauren Sinclair, Keone Young, Kanoa Chung, Meleana White, Joy Magelssen, Varoa Tiki, Rory Togo, Albert Belz, Jane Hall, Marsha Rapana

Genres: Drama, Romance, Family

Country: USA, Australia

Release Year: 2000

Duration: 87 min

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  • Storyline
When a teen-age girl(Belle) and her father(Brown) come to an island on Hawaii, they find a closer relationship to each other and think about changing the island. During her adventures, Sydney finds friends, a new hobby with her fantastic photograghy, and the truth about her mother.
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